The API VPT provides programmatic access to read and write VPT data. Review our products and its data (departure dates, cities, countries, hotels and more), make reservations and review reservations already made, create users and assign user's permissions, and more. Highlights:


product structure

VPT mainly sells organized tours around Europe and sighseeing tours around Madrid. These tours are structured inside brochures, which are included inside catalogs. Each client could get into catalogs depending his language and his localization.

Regarding reservations, when you book a tour (service) you get two numbers:

So, reservations could include various reservationServices. This is useful to group services for the same passengers.

request structure

For every request you make you will have to post a JSON Object named --in-- to an endpoint containing the following arrays:

working example

This is a working example using HTML and PHP to make a call to the getcatalogs endpoint.


  $datos = array (

    'logindata' => array (
      'useremail' => 'johndoe@whatever.com',
      'userpass'  => 'johndoepass'

    'requestdata' => array ( 
      'language' => 1


  $datos = json_encode ($datos);

  echo "<form action='http://api.vpttours.com/getcatalogs' method='post'>";
    echo "<input type='hidden' name='in' value='$datos' />";
    echo '<input type="submit" name="go" value="go">';
  echo "</form>";


"1": {
"code": "201412",
"name": "Circuitos por Europa y Oriente Medio",
"startdate": "2015-04-01",
"enddate": "2015-10-31",
"brochures": [
"2": {
"code": "201414",
"name": "Circuitos por Europa y Oriente Medio",
"startdate": "2015-11-01",
"enddate": "2016-03-31",
"brochures": [
"3": {
"code": "201410",
"name": "España Portugal & Marruecos",
"startdate": "2015-04-01",
"enddate": "2016-03-31",
"brochures": [

get access

So, ask for access right now and start coding!!